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Artist's Statement

My most recent work sprang from the recognition that life in the studio  had become confining and tiresome. It felt like one day I looked around and realized I was surrounded by all these "boxes" of work that I had created and I was tired of it. 

Over the past decade or so, I produced many "boxes" of work and multiple series', so none of this was a bad thing. But the realization that I had been forcing my inspirations into pre labeled boxes and creating work to put inside them was a game changer. What if there were no more pre conceived notions or outcomes? What if I just painted with no how or why?

I've since found a lot  of spontaneity by letting the process take precedent over the outcome. I've dropped the academia. I'm trying to not ask anything of myself or the art. Now I'm free to pull stuff out of the "boxes" (or not), instead of worrying about how I'm going to put  stuff in them.

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